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The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists is a network of highly qualified and motivated Optometrists, with a specialist interest in how vision affects human performance. Vision and the motor visual system are our primary source for gathering information with 87% of learning occurring through the visual system. Even subtle issues with the visual system can have a major impact on our efficiency and performance, even more so for children where these systems are still developing.

Children are usually born with the necessary hardware to allow the development of normal sensory skills, but it takes a busy childhood of play, exploration and experience to develop and train the software that controls what we take in from the world. If this software is not established properly, it can result in problems with the visual system and therefore learning. If undetected these problems can continue into adulthood.

Behavioural Optometrists will explore these processes and use a range of treatments to help their patients learn and function more efficiently. This can be applicable to any age group ‚not just to children, and can also be of direct benefit to those following accidents and with possible traumatic brain injury.

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Latest Courses and News

Sunday 18th May 2014. The Power of the Retinoscope in examining the Dynamic Process of Vision

21 Mar 2014

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Taster Session, Ireland, 28th April 2014, What is Behavioural Optometry all about?

20 Mar 2014

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ICBO speakers and pre-congress synopses

14 Mar 2014

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Tributes Pour In

12 Mar 2014

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OVT1A 9/10th September, OVT1B 30th November/1st December 2014

05 Mar 2014

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Education Dates 2014

03 Mar 2014

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Study of Autism and ADHD in siblings being run in London

07 Jan 2014

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OVT 5 Motor Training within Optometric Vision Therapy 6th and 7th April 2014

07 Jan 2014

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Peer Review Call for Papers 2014

24 Sep 2013

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Children Misdiagnosed with ADHD can have common eye problem

25 Jun 2013

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OVT 1A 9th/10th September 2014

20 Feb 2013

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International Dates 2013 to 2014

02 Jan 2013

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